London Calling


I figured it best to begin with a city that means so much to me, London. The year I spent living there was one of the best years of my life, not only because of the people I met along the way but also because the city itself has such a vibrant culture to it. Sometimes I would walk through central London on the Embankment walk seeing the double decker buses cross over the Waterloo bridge or stare at Tower Bridge and pinch myself just to make sure I was still breathing and that this was my actual real life. Its a rare opportunity to be somewhere and have that feeling. That feeling where you are somewhere and yet somehow don’t believe that this is your actual life. I couldn’t help but feel lucky everyday.

London is one of those cities that has such character. There are always people out and there is always something to do. It is virtually impossible to be bored in London. Towards the end of my time there, I found myself running out of time just to go and see all the places/things I wanted to see. Whether you are exploring the Christmas markets or reading a book in Hyde Park the opportunities are endless and you can never really feel alone. People are quite friendly and most days you can pop into any local pub (they’re basically on every street corner) and have a chat with a local over a few pints.

It was a huge step for me to leave my life behind, pick up and essentially start over. I remember ugly girl crying to one of my closest friends a few weeks before leaving, saying of how crazy and stupid I must be to uproot my whole life thousands of miles away to a city a barely knew with no job and no friends. But what I have come to find is that fear was completely normal and that fear can either break you or make you. I chose the latter and am forever changed because of it (for the better, of course). Perhaps that is also why London has such a special place in my heart.

Living in London was certainly a life altering experience. There are so many things I learned about life and myself over the course of the year. I could probably go on forever about it my experiences there and what that period of life means to me. To summarize my experience, I will just say this. Life is about taking risks, as scary as it may seem, there is nothing more thrilling and equally terrifying than turning your into world upside down and plunging into the great unknown. But that is half the battle, the rest is easy. Once you take the plunge all that’s left is to breath and enjoy the view. Take in the silent moments and revel in the new opportunities that come from it. I like to think of it as jumping off a cliff. If you are brave enough to jump off a cliff than you have a choice to either soar into the unknown or you can crash and burn. The choice is yours. I made the choice to soar and although I may not have it all figured it out I am enjoying the flight so far!


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